Understanding the Dementia Experience

This “must read” paper has been downloaded by thousands since it was first made available in 2002.

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cover-udeComments received on “Understanding the Dementia Experience”

“I printed a copy of this article because I believe it may be the best I have read to help those who are not impaired understand our experience. I am deeply grateful to Jennifer Ghent-Fuller for writing such a wonderful piece.”

“It is with immense honor that I send you my heartfelt thank you for your wonderful and amazing paper, ‘Understanding the Dementia Experience.’ This is the single most often recommended body of work that we refer families and caregivers to. You have touched hundreds and hundreds into the thousands of caregivers and families from all over the planet.”

 “Most books are more high-level and don’t address the moment-to moment issues that can arise. Your article cuts to the emotional and practical core of things, and for that I am grateful.”

“Great article. Going to make copies of it and give them to family and friends that keep saying to me, ‘But he seems OK to me.’ One of the best articles I have read.”

“This is one of the best things that I have read on the subject of Alzheimer’s.”

“I’ve only gotten to page 4 and I’ve found the answers to half a dozen situations that have been driving me crazy.”

 “The most helpful article I have found as I attempt to understand the changes in my father’s behaviour.”

 “The paper examines how everyday life changes for Alzheimer’s patients and their families as the disease progresses. The paper also gives a tremendous amount of insight in to the way Alzheimer’s patients view different situations and offers suggestions about how to interact and cope.”

“An excellent article that is frequently recommended.”

“The touchstone for entering our loved one’s new reality and learning how to respond to confusing behaviours.”

“I have had the opportunity to read many scientific and lay articles but this was one of the best I have ever read.”

 “This author must be someone very special. Her understanding of the disease process and her translation for caregivers in the home setting as well as in the healthcare field is so helpful.”

“Very instructive reading. It is written in a lively conversational manner that very well suits the caregivers of Alzheimer Disease patients.”

“A wonderful, easily understood article on dementia.”